2019 Intellectual Boot Camp

Intellectual Boot Camp

Originally a part of the Alcuin Internship, the Intellectual Boot Camp is a now a week-long seminar open to 20 to 30 college students and recent graduates. These intense yearly seminars will feature professors and journalists who can speak into our current moment as well as allow students a chance to meet and interact with like minded peers. The Intellectual Boot Camp exists because there is a critical need for students to learn to love the foundations of Western Civilization and understand why those foundations should be protected.

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2019 Intellectual Boot Camp

A Free Five-Day Undergraduate Seminar on Modern Traditionalism & Western Civilization

June 3-7, 2019 | Bloomington, MN

Hosted at The Charlemagne Institute, this five-day event features engaging seminars on history, philosophy, and culture. Each day includes multiple lectures and in-depth discussions, led by prominent thinkers from across the country.

Join our discussion of ideas such as:

  • Foundations of Western Civilization 
  • Searching for Modern Traditionalism 
  • Church, State, and Civil Society 
  • Reform, Not Revolution
  • ...and much more

This Intellectual Boot Camp is a free event offered to qualified college students or recent graduates, held at our Bloomington office. Lunch will be provided daily.

To apply, please email bootcamp@thecharlemagne.org 

See the flyer below for a full schedule.

2019 Intellectual Boot Camp (pdf)