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A non-profit periodicals publisher and educational institution working to defend and advance the principles and traditions of Western Civilization and the American Republic.


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We publish two exceptional and widely acclaimed periodicals: Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture and Intellectual Takeout, a daily, online-only web magazine.


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To defend and advance Western Civilization and the American Republic and work to achieve the restoration of the moral, political, and legal order necessary for a free and just society.


What Is Charlemagne Institute?


Charlemagne Institute is a non-profit, periodicals publisher dedicated to the restoration of the principles and traditions with which Western Civilization was founded and upon which the American Republic has been built. Our purpose is to cultivate discussion and debate on seminal topics within the studies of politics, culture, history, family, education, and the arts. In terms of viewpoint, Charlemagne Institute conveys the values of a heartland conservatism.

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What Thought Leaders Have Said About Chronicles

“You are to be commended”

…for articulating and encouraging a cultural perspective based on the enduring values of American life.

President Ronald Reagan

“Confronting the smelly little orthodoxies”

“It has been a pleasure to watch…Chronicles confront the smelly little orthodoxies of our time.”

Tom Wolfe

“Most insightful journal in America

The toughest, best-written and most insightful journal in America..

Pat Buchanan

“Just fantastic!”

This is a magazine you guys [have] got to be all over…it’s just fantastic!

Steve Bannon

What We Do

Chronicles Magazine

Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture is a monthly print-and-online publication featuring original and insightful commentary on such topics as history, education, politics, economics, and the arts. Since its founding in 1977, Chronicles has been viewed as an elite forum for cultural commentary, focusing attention upon the prevailing currents within politics and civil society.

Intellectual Takeout

Intellectual Takeout is an online-only magazine that challenges the intellectual and secular orthodoxies of today. With new content posted on a daily basis, the publication is particularly popular among Millennials and younger Americans. Overall, the website is viewed by more than 8 million unique readers annually.

The Alcuin Internship

The Alcuin Internship is an intensive, intellectual and professional educational program for a group of exceptional college students and recent graduates. Hosted during the summer months, the Internship focuses on skills and strategies with which to prepare young adults for years of productive engagement toward the renewal of the American ethos.


The Latest from ITO

- Annie Holmquist

If you’re like most parents, you want the best for your children, especially when it comes to education.

But to what lengths would you go to achieve that best? Would you be willing to risk arrest by the government in …

- Intellectual Takeout

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- Walker Larson

Why do Oliver Anthony’s songs resonate with so many people in America? As a good friend of mine recently commented, “We have an obsession with authenticity.” He said that Oliver Anthony originally recorded his songs on his $200 phone. Whether …

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Chronicles by the Numbers

Since 1977, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture has been at the forefront of examining the prevailing currents of politics and civil society with a focus on defending the traditions and history of America and the West.

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Chronicles Magazine

The Latest from Chroncles

John Fetterman’s Slovenliness and the Demise of Objective Social Standards
- Josh Hammer

The Senate is defining its standards down to meet the demands of a single mentally defective boor who lived off his parents until he was nearly 50 and still cannot bring himself to dress and act like an adult.

The post John Fetterman’s Slovenliness and the Demise of Objective Social Standards first appeared on Chronicles.

Do Sex Scandals Matter?
- Daniel McCarthy

Trump, Boebert, Gibson—or any candidate—might have moral character flaws, but candidates who are personally objectionable are often politically indispensable.

The post Do Sex Scandals Matter? first appeared on Chronicles.

Inherited Traditions Are More Credible Than Natural Rights
- Paul Gottfried
Natural Rights Declaration of Independence

Chronicles Editor Paul Gottfried explains why the moral and legal foundations of America are found in religion and custom, not Enlightenment natural rights, which can be interpreted ever-leftward and lead to intolerance and aggression.

The post Inherited Traditions Are More Credible Than Natural Rights first appeared on Chronicles.

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