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Our Mission

Rooted in the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman tradition, The Charlemagne Institute works to lay the intellectual groundwork for a great awakening. 

We are in the soft-launch phase, transitioning Intellectual Takeout into a project, and planning a hard-launch of Charlemagne and its projects in 2019. The Charlemagne Institute is a 501(c)(3), non-profit educational institution.

Our Reach

The aggregate output of The Charlemagne Institute and its projects is already incredible. 


Each year, we publish 2,000+ articles, have over 9 million unique readers, and see 150 million views of content through social media. Additionally, our articles are republished in many local newspapers as well as major websites internationally.

Our Work

In addition to the activities of The Charlemagne Institute, our educational non-profit manages Intellectual Takeout, The Alcuin Fellowship, and several other projects. 

We also host events while members of our staff give civic presentations, media interviews, and even help advise other organizations. 

2018: What We Do

Intellectual Takeout

Intellectual Takeout is a website and social media network popular with Millennials and younger Americans. Its mission is to challenge the intellectual and secular orthodoxies of today.

The project covers a wide variety of topics from metaphysics to daily life, culture, and politics. 

Each year, we publish over 2,000 articles which are viewed by over 9 million readers. Via social media, ITO's content is viewed roughly 150 million times. 

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The Alcuin Fellowship

In 2018, Charlemagne will host six summer fellows from around the country at our Minneapolis, MN office. 

The fellows will take part in a paid, 10-week program designed to give them a deep grounding in the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman tradition while preparing them for lives of service.

For more information, please e-mail us, or click the button below.

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Each year, The Charlemagne Institute hosts thought-leaders from around the country to discuss the problems facing American culture and what can be done. Recent guests include Robert P. George, Charles Murray, and Christina Hoff Sommers.

To watch our most recent event, Is There a War Against Men?, please click here. Additionally, please subscribe below to our updates for future activities. 

Towards a Great Awakening

Why The Charlemagne Institute Exists

There can be no doubt that American culture is in crisis. Our country was founded upon the principles and traditions of the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman heritage. As the elites have jettisoned those ideals in exchange for post-modern moral relativism, globalism, and even Cultural Marxism, we have watched our society crumble exponentially. 

Consider these data points: 

• 63% of high school seniors are not proficient in reading

• 64% of child-bearing Millennials have had one or more out-of-wedlock births

• 44% of Millennials prefer to live in a Socialist country

• 76% of 18-29 year-olds believe that “right or wrong depends on the situation”

There is a sea-change coming as the older generations of Americans pass on to their reward, and a new, very different generation of Americans rises up to fill their shoes. 

Sadly, we fear the potential of something akin to a technologically advanced dark age coming soon to America. The wisdom and principles of the past — time-tested and proven —  were purposefully not passed on to most young Americans. Instead, they were taught to reject the idea of objective truths and principles, to reject the past, and to seek endless revolutionary progress in the hope of finding personal, emotional happiness.


It was for these reasons and many more that The Charlemagne Institute was created in 2018. Previously, our institution had been Intellectual Takeout, but we saw that the work necessary to counter the coming sea-change needed a broader, more strategic vision. And so, in a unanimous decision, the board of directors voted to rename our 501(c)(3) entity from “Intellectual Takeout” to “The Charlemagne Institute”. The highly successful Intellectual Takeout will continue as a project of Charlemagne. 

What has seemingly been forgotten in our post-modern times is that civilizations and their governments are defined by their cultures. And at the root of all “culture” is belief. The core beliefs of the West have rested in the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman tradition for 2,000 years. 

Today, the opponents of the West and America, the cultural Marxists and various agents of political correctness and globalism are purposefully aiming at the foundations of our American Republic, at the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman tradition. Sadly, we the American people require more than a reminder of our American roots; we must relearn the ancient wisdom and principles that have been forgotten or purposefully not passed on.

And that is the role of The Charlemagne Institute, to help lay the intellectual groundwork for a great awakening. 

In 800 A.D., Charlemagne was crowned the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Historians agree that that moment signaled the end of the Dark Age brought about by the collapse of the Roman Empire, and the rise of an enlightened, Judeo-Christian West. 

Our job today is to illuminate a different path for a new generation of Americans, a path out of a dark age and into a great awakening.


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