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A Refuge for National Discourse

Intellectual Takeout is a website and social media network that challenges the intellectual and secular orthodoxies of today. Our content is popular among Millennials and younger Americans, and is viewed by over 10 million unique readers annually.

“You fill the empty soul … thank you.”
Bob L.

“Reading the posts from you all every day is as refreshing as water to a thirsty desert traveler.”
Eleanor W.

“Your page is my spirit animal.”
Lex B.

Fiercely independent and intellectually uncompromising

Since 1977, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture has been at the forefront of examining the prevailing currents of both politics and a civil society in Western Civilization with a focus on defending the traditions and history of America and the West.

You are to be commended for articulating and encouraging a cultural perspective based on the enduring values of American life.
President Ronald Reagan

It has been a pleasure to watch…Chronicles confront the smelly little orthodoxies of our time.”
Tom Wolfe, cultural critic and author

The Alcuin Internship

Preparing Young Journalists for the Long March

The Alcuin Internship is an intensive, intellectual and professional training program for a group of exceptional college students and recent graduates pursuing journalism. Hosted each summer, the Internship prepares young aspiring journalists for lives of service and the long-march through the institutions.

Interning at Charlemagne Institute has thoroughly enriched my views of society. Instead of offering only oppressive viewpoints, Charlemagne proclaimed hope. Instead of a dismal and cynical view of history, Charlemagne has given me the optics of logic and strength. I wish every single one of my peers could be exposed to a rich intellectual heritage that Charlemagne aims to promote.
John L. (2019)

2019 Alcuin Group