The Alcuin Internship

Preparing Young Americans for the Long-March

The Charlemagne Institute’s Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture and Intellectual Takeout programs are ways in which we lay the intellectual groundwork for a great awakening. The Alcuin Internship is the deep-dive. 

Each summer our Minneapolis office hosts an elite group of rising college seniors for an intensive training program that prepares them for lives of service and the long-march through the institutions. In 2018, we launched the pilot internship with 6 promising students from around the country, and in 2019 we increased that number to 10 students. 

The paid, 10-week internship begins with our Intellectual Boot Camp, a week-long seminar, followed by weekly seminar days with thought-leaders from around the country, discussing topics like virtue, the history of conservatism, the roots of the Western intellectual tradition, and Christianity’s role in shaping the West.

What is the origin of the name?

The Alcuin Internship is named after Charlemagne’s lieutenant, Alcuin of York. Historians generally agree that 800 A.D., when Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, marks the end of the Dark Age and the beginning of Christendom and an enlightened West that would become the greatest civilization ever known. At the request of Charlemagne, Alcuin led the charge to bring about a renaissance in learning and wisdom.

What is the long-march?

Any honest assessment of our society will concede that those who have largely rejected their Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman heritage are precisely those in control of the levers of cultural power: Education, Entertainment, News, and Government Bureaucracies. Such a coup did not happen overnight; for many, many decades a long-march through the institutions took place that resulted in postmodern, globalist, and even Cultural Marxist thought-leaders in control. 

Now it is our turn. 

It is the goal of The Charlemagne Institute to make The Alcuin Internship a nationally recognized training program that plays a central role in raising up a generation of young Americans who will join us in the long-march through the institutions. 


Testimonials from the Interns

  • I think that part of my thinking that was greatly affected by this internship is recognizing how much America owes to the Western tradition. I was always aware that America owed a great amount to the Western tradition (as Kirk says, Athens, Rome, Jerusalem, and London), but I think I have a better understanding of it after having taken the seminars on western history and reading Russell Kirk's Roots of the American Order.” – Peter P.

  • My time here has most definitely affected my views on society, culture and values. Our discussions and research made me more confident in the convictions I hold and stretched me to be intellectually honest and consistent. What I learned about American culture, society and values was not new to me, or if it was did not surprise me. But I think I know better my response to those things and how to navigate the way those things are shifting.   – Rosalinda R.

  • The internship encouraged professionalism and hard work, while also allowing great freedom to have fascinating and important conversations. The fact that the company often allowed us to have these conversations, created an atmosphere that was enjoyable to work in and never felt stifling. Every day, I knew I would learn something deep and important about philosophy, theology, or the Dutch Republic. ;) I think the ideas education days were the strongest and most unique part of this internship.  – Zach W.

The 2020 Alcuin Internship

The next Alcuin Internship will kick off in June 2020 with our Intellectual Boot Camp. After the boot camp, there will be nine weeks of paid internship. Each week will include four days of working with the Charlemagne staff and one day in seminars learning about Western Civilization and America. 

Seminars will include lectures on:

  • Greece, Rome, and Christianity in the Roman Empire
  • King Charlemagne, the Carolingian Renaissance, and the Crusades
  • the Renaissance and Reformation
  • the French Revolution and the American Founding
  • the history of Conservativism, focusing on three critical thinkers: Friedrich Hayek, James Burnham, and Russell Kirk
  • and explorations of Marxism, Secularism, and other philosophies influencing American culture today.

In addition to powerful, intellectual formation, the Alcuin Internship provides professional mentorship in writing for a national audience, business etiquette, networking, and growth opportunities in support of a nonprofit engaged in the Battle of Ideas. Interns will witness and experience the heritage of the West through organized tours of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Cathedral of St. Paul, and the James J. Hill House.

The 2020 Alcuin Internship is a paid, full-time program from early June to mid-August. Participants must be able to work regular business hours at the Charlemagne headquarters in Bloomington, MN. Assistance in setting up temporary housing is available for non-Minnesota residents.   

How to Apply

If you are considering a life devoted to the long-march through the institutions, then the Alcuin Internship may be an excellent opportunity for you!

Email Devin Foley, CEO at with your full application or with any questions about the program. 

Your application must include:

  1. Cover letter: Please include why you are applying for the internship.
  2. A resume with education and work history.
  3. One writing sample of 500-700 words.  Extra notice will be taken of those samples written in the style of  Intellectual Takeout (ITO).  (Hint: Studying articles under “Greatest Hits” on the ITO website will be helpful. This article will become the property of ITO. )
  4. An additional writing sample of any length, in any format of your choice: newspaper article, blog post, magazine article, school paper, or an article written for this application.
  5. Answer the following three essay questions:  (Please limit your answers to 350 words per question)  

  • Which five persons and/or books have been your important intellectual influences? (Please do not list parents, grandparents, or coaches.)  
  • What is the greatest threat to Western Civilization and how can it best be countered?  
  • What is the relationship between freedom of religion and freedom of commerce?

We look forward to hearing from you!